Makersan has been serving to the automotive industry since the year 1978 with its 105 personnel 41 of whom are white-collar (Management and Engineering) staff . Our factory sits on a land area of 50.000 square meters with 10.000 square meters of closed area of Turkey's one of the largest industrial zones which is in very close distance to international ferry and airports give us several advantages to accessibility and transportation. compover1 makersan fabrika

Makersan invests largely in engineering processes of mechanical and electronic components and devices. We proudly thank to our experienced, solution-oriented and enthusiastic engineering staff with our latest technology CAD, CAM and CAE softwares. Makersan Research and Development Department meets and exceeds all customer requirements. We are well-known inside of our innovative work mentality and Makersan is one of the Turkish manufacturers having most patents in its field. The award we have earned in Turkey, proves our company that holds most patent applications in automotive industry in 2007' iswell-deserved. makersan arge6 makersan arge1
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Makersan is quite capable of carrying out many complex mechanical and electronic manufacturing processes by meaning of advanced pressing, joining, tooling, assembly, SMD mounting and soldering lines equipped with the high-tech industrial machinery. We pledge our customers just-in-time delivery by taking full advantage of our last-technology CAD, CAM, CAE equippment, welding and moulding robots, and testing apparatus. We are also proud to be able to design and manufacture any sort of mould and apparatus with the aid of our automated moulding unit. makersan capa3 makersan capa4
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Our company proudly holds the prestigious standart certificates since the year 2000. It is amongst our main principles to ensure the highest level of quality in order to be of best service to our business partners. Regular customer surveys and meetings are considered to be integral parts of our manufacturing process and help us realise deviations in the industry as well as customer needs and expectations. Our certifications: ISO 9001-2008 / TS 16949-2009 / ISO 14001-2004 / OHSAS 18001-2007.

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Our competitive economic system makes it essential that we place constant and primary focus on satisfying the needs of our OEM customers with our knowledge, manufacturing expertize and spectacular quality. We are continually investigating how we can better produce creative and high-tech solutions for our customers. Because, we care about our customers' growth potential with the glorified products, and the nature of the business, we are aiming to keep our customers in a profit making position in purchasing the quality and will keep our customers leader in their sector.

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