Capacitive Touch Button

Capacitive touch button are used in municipality buses,trams and machines. They can be used outside of the vehicles because of the waterproof and non-mechanic units. 

MO 400.H1X
Capacitive Touch Button

400-M Touch Button B
MO 400.H1X Capacitive Touch Button
  • Technology: Capacitive / Switching through glass
  • Operation Force: Touch without force
  • Operating Temperature: -40oC ... +80oC
  • Protection: Front IP68 & Backside IP20 ... IP67 /
  •   Overvoltage & Overcurrent
  • Lifetime: 1 Million Cycles
  • Connector: M12x1, 4-pin
  • Supply Voltage: 12~24 VDC
  • Output: NPN & PNP  (NO each 1A switch output) 
    • *Options: Customized color options / Customized symbol options
    Red Blue  Gray
    400-K-kucuk-k 400-M-kapi-kucuk-k 400-G-kucuk-k