Agriculture & Construction

Our staff has extensive on-the-job experience with design, creativity and testing plans on actuating and sensing projects for Off-Road vehicles. We can provide all the services utilizing our in-house staff.  With dedicated solution centers in Turkey, our Construction Machines and Agriculture Vehicles practice facilitates a proactive and collaborative approach to development. We can demonstrate design, development, production, and distribution viability with spectacular quality and provide affordable prices for off road vehicles.

370-k 135-k 394-H1X Joystick Ss 377-M Finger Ss 376-A-H-k 420-k 413-k
Accelerator Pedal Clutch Pedal Joysticks Fingertip Control Lever Pressure Sensor Temperature Sensor
offroad 450-A-k
Rotary Sensor
Speed Sensor
392-H1X Push Button Ss 393-H1X Thumbwheel Ss  055-k 415-H1X Inclination Sensor Ss 493-k 056-k 442-k
Push Button Thumbwheel Actuator Inclination Controller Rke Central Locking Speed Sensor