Automotive & Engine

  Using our global experience in sensing,controlling and actuating technologies, Makersan Team is able to resolve clients' problems. Our team of design engineers are capable of producing innovative ideas which can save time and considerable sums of money for clients. We have developed many useful sensor solutions for engines over the years to give the engine better reliability and performance.

370-k 135-k 420-k 413-k 450-A-k 442-k 020-k
Accelerator Pedal Clutch Pedal Pressure Sensor Temperature Sensor Rotary Sensor Speed Sensor Lacthes
automotive-oem 392-H1X Push Button Ss
Push Button
393-H1X Thumbwheel Ss
      056-k 055-k 493-k 494-k
      Rke Central  Locking Actuator Controller I/O