Ships & Boats

Our solutions cover many aspects of marine instrumentation and control based on high technology and in-depth application competence. We also offer solutions for boat platforms.

394-H1X Joystick Ss 376-A-H-k 420-k 415-H1X Inclination Sensor Ss 450-A-k 440-2-k 370-k
Joystick Control Lever Pressure Sensor Inclination Rotary Sensor Speed Sensor Accelerator Pedal
ships-boats 400-kapi-k
Touch Button
392-H1X Push Button Ss
Push Button
056-k   377-M Finger Ss  393-H1X Thumbwheel Ss 020-k  442-k  493-k 494-k
Rke Central Locking Fingertip Thumbwheel Latches Speed Sensor Controller I/O