Trucks & Buses

Makersan Designers and Engineers have worked extensively with worldwide commercial OEMS and are aware of their standards. This enables us to solve even the most ambitious assignments in a fast and efficient way. Our practice integrates its in-depth knowledge of technology platforms and profound understanding of business needs and industry expertise offer end-to-end throttle and sensor solutions for commercial vehicles.

370-k 135-k 420-k 415-H1X Inclination Sensor Ss 450-A-k 440-2-k 377-M Finger Ss
Accelerator Pedal Clutch Pedal Pressure Sensor Inclination Rotary Sensor Speed Sensor Fingertip
truck 376-A-H-k
Control Lever
393-H1X Thumbwheel Ss
 056-k 023-k 020-k 055-k 400-kapi-k 494-k 392-H1X Push Button Ss
Rke Central Locking Handle Latches Actuator Touch Button I/O Push Button